Saturday, August 04, 2007

Wishing You A Rosies Weekend!!

Wishing You A Rosies Weekend!!

Is another Friday, Another weekend.

I wish you have a great weekend.

You may wonder, why I have a green spot on this image??

The reason is , in the traditional painting, the artist would always like to paint about "Balance" & also Nature.

Red Flower always follows by Green Leaves.

Water & Fire

White & Black

Yin & Yang

When these are in Harmony & Balance. It gives viewer a joyful feeling, then it is considered as great art or Master Piece.


This is my my yard. The Rose is actually on the plant itself..

The back lights is the sun light. Front is using hand paper tower.

Windy 8mph.

Thank you for visiting, Faves selection & support.

Appreciation from my heart!!

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