Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Colorful World - 争艳斗丽!!

Colorful World - 争艳斗丽!!

This is another creative Art by using Panning & Tossing of Camera.

You need to spend time like those art consultant's, looking at the details of each & every corner, at the sametime imagine on the whole picture as an art; what are the image related to the Nature that arising @ your mind.

You are mindful about the beauty of each & every element...etc.

Then you really appreciate the reason why people spent times at the Art Gallery or Exhibition. I cannot understand that during my childhood.

My late father normally would not attend the exhibition invitation. I always represent him at the opening. then I always finish the whole visit , as soon as the officiating Minister's complete his walk around.

Anyway, do enjoy it & This is a great creation.

Tossing Canon 20D in the yard have to becareful, you need to use a strap to secure it. Thanks for your Faves; Views, comments &support.

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