Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Loving Community!!

Loving Community!!, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

Loving Community!!

This is a NaNo project.

In order to get more lights in, I have placed a white hand tower in between the leaf & flower petal.

To all my fans & friends on Photos Blogging, My advise is when you participate in any Photo Blogging community. As long as you know you have done all the creative & Innovative works before the submission.

Do not border about what the other people say, as an artist, it is not easy for one to developed his own style & achievement in short term. I agreed what Michael Brown - A guru of Macro said; so long you constantly review your own work of Art. & You are confident that you did the best of the Best.

One should not over concern what the other say. As you & only you know what is the best out of you.

Picasso is not known in Asia in the earlier day. My late father have been into collection of Chinese & western painting have not actually mention about Picasso to me. I only came to known Picasso in the Mid 60's by my Primary school Art teacher - CC Lim.

Anyway, this is a great shot.


赠 君 一 法 决 狐 疑

不 用 钻 龟 与 祝 蓍

试 玉 要 烧 三 日 满

辨 材 须 待 七 年 期

周 公 恐 惧 流 言 后

王 莽 谦 恭 未 篡 时

向 使 当 初 身 便 死

一 生 真 伪 复 谁 知!!

Sung Dynasty Great Poet - Bai Ji Yi 白 居 易

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