Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Very Best 4 Lunar New Year 2008

Wishing You A Very Best Lunar New Year!!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

flicker's Heart

flicker's Heart, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

flicker's Heart

This shot is taken with sun lights behind the flower.

I have used a silver tray in front to reflect more light.

The wind speed is about 8mph. About 50shots fired .

This is my final pick here.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

For The flickr Community

For The flickr Community, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

For The flickr Community

This is for Denis Collete & the flickr community.

flickr chief would have to bring his own vinegar.

The product shot here is using available lights, & it is low lights conditions. These are the real products . I shoot it by opening the freezer door. It is under low light & indoor condition.

When shooting product shot, most often one would be restricted by the layout; space; environment & concept.

The key is to be creative & innovative in any situation. Then you would produce a successful & rewarding assignment.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Green The World

Green The World, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

Green The World

This shot is done indoor.

Sun lights is black lit & a white hand tower is holding on the left hand to reflect light to the fader & the droplet.

I have to hold my breath whenever I click the shutter. It is not an easy shot for this kind of setting & arrangement.

Please spend time to view the image in various perspectives. The details would gives you many imaginations & also you find answer in nature!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Dawn of The End - 臥龍

The Dawn of The End - 臥龍

This is @ Wulong; Sichuan; China.

It is a coal fire plant. I am informed that the coals used for power generation in China shall be smoke & pollutants free.

However, when you looking at the atmosphere here, you can see the smokes; smog; heat & pollutions.

Coal have created many millionaires in China those poor provinces & cities. But Coal energy plants pollutants & containments would be the source to destroy China & the world.

Perhaps I am wrong the last I wrote about, my spiritual guru Kong Ming Zhuge Liang never foresee these about 200A.D..

In fact in his scripts, he did mentioned that the Fire is the cause of killing every lives of this world including China.

That is well explained why the bamboos are dying ; the Pandas are dying.

By the way, I snap this on the coach at 3,500m elevation, the road condition is bad.

This is great shot.

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