Sunday, November 25, 2007

For The flickr Community

For The flickr Community, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

For The flickr Community

This is for Denis Collete & the flickr community.

flickr chief would have to bring his own vinegar.

The product shot here is using available lights, & it is low lights conditions. These are the real products . I shoot it by opening the freezer door. It is under low light & indoor condition.

When shooting product shot, most often one would be restricted by the layout; space; environment & concept.

The key is to be creative & innovative in any situation. Then you would produce a successful & rewarding assignment.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Green The World

Green The World, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

Green The World

This shot is done indoor.

Sun lights is black lit & a white hand tower is holding on the left hand to reflect light to the fader & the droplet.

I have to hold my breath whenever I click the shutter. It is not an easy shot for this kind of setting & arrangement.

Please spend time to view the image in various perspectives. The details would gives you many imaginations & also you find answer in nature!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Dawn of The End - 臥龍

The Dawn of The End - 臥龍

This is @ Wulong; Sichuan; China.

It is a coal fire plant. I am informed that the coals used for power generation in China shall be smoke & pollutants free.

However, when you looking at the atmosphere here, you can see the smokes; smog; heat & pollutions.

Coal have created many millionaires in China those poor provinces & cities. But Coal energy plants pollutants & containments would be the source to destroy China & the world.

Perhaps I am wrong the last I wrote about, my spiritual guru Kong Ming Zhuge Liang never foresee these about 200A.D..

In fact in his scripts, he did mentioned that the Fire is the cause of killing every lives of this world including China.

That is well explained why the bamboos are dying ; the Pandas are dying.

By the way, I snap this on the coach at 3,500m elevation, the road condition is bad.

This is great shot.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Color of Nature

Color of Nature, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

Color of Nature

This is the experiment on the black lit sun lights.

The leaf is not as flat , in fact is almost a u-shape. with the extreme macro shot you may see it flat.

But after examine the both end of it. You would discover that the both end is fading off.

Well enjoy!!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

flickers @ Union Station

flickers @ Union Station, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

flickers @ Union Station

This is the 1st time I visit to Union Station in L.A.

I supposed to meet my fan's from Indonesia at the Tofu fair. & decided to take a metro to down town L.A. When I reached Union station. I never let my flickering habits gone by.

So, I start to snap all my way. It is interesting to meet so many young flickers @ the station. They were so happy to see me there when they are flickering. Questions asked were never un-answered.

It is glad to feel the rewarding feeling, when these flickers tell you, how much they enjoys the flickr community & also appreciating your knowledge; skills sharing & personal touch in the non-for-profits spirits.

You feel the achievements; accomplishments & happiness that money cannot buy!!


The lights are not as bright as you see in the actual scene. I have used the Corel Paintshop Pro Xi to clarify & Brighten it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

flickers Loves Color

flickers Loves Color, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

flickers Loves Color

This image is the single drop hang on the lemon grass at my backyard.

The background color is from the rose petal.

I am sure you would love this.

It is a great shot.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sprouting - 萌芽

Sprouting - 萌芽, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

Sprouting - 萌芽

This is the sprout that I found, the size is about 4mm.

I am zero into the center of the swire. with the back lit sun light, it make the swire more outstanding. The only thing is the 2 spots of sun burn white color are there.

Overall, this is a great shot.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Couple On High Voltage - 欢喜怨家

This is taken at my courtyard.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Food Porn 酿豆腐 - 色芬味香

Food Porn 酿豆腐 - 色芬味香

This is the Vegetable fruits & fish Paste filling dumpling. 酿豆腐

Which it is known as Yong Tofu - 酿豆腐. But here I am not using Tofu, I am using the egg Plants, Chili & Okra which also called as Lady finger. Tofu is not show in this post.

The fish fillets need to be fresh Spanish Macherel . When I was in Wales, I used the local Mackerel, it don't work. As it have too much oil in it.

The Mackerel best from South east Asia & Pacific Ocean Coast. When ground the fish fillet, some ice need to added to hold the temperature at 50degree. Egg white need to be added as well. After grounded the fish as paste, it is important to compress it , traditionally, it t done by holding up that paste & throw it to the container & repeat at least 200times. Until one can feel that it is tender & have the spring effect.

Now you can use the blender machine or kitchen aids to do so.

Well, So much for now. Enjoy !!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Symphony of Lights - 五光十色

Symphony of Lights - 五光十色

This imaginary art using camera Tossing & Panning. Which my good friend Ben Ng - foto88 call it painting with camera.

However, I call it painting with lights. The setting is done with the sun lights the flowers the grass...... at my backyard.

This is special thanks to all & you who enjoy the innovative & creativity in Art.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

You Are My Sunshine - 您是我的太阳

You Are My Sunshine - 您是我的太阳

This is the sun flower I took over 2 months ago. It is just boom; sun flower seeds have not been form yet.

The conditions are windy 5mph, sunshine after the light rain.

Not easy to get in focus. This is the sharpest I could get in this position.

It is a great shot.

Thank you for your visit, Comments & FAVE. I appreciate it.

Friday, November 02, 2007

World Tallest Plaza - Over 1,7XX years Ago - 黃鶴樓 天下第一樓

World Tallest Plaza - Over 1,7XX years Ago - 黃鶴樓 天下第一樓

This is the Yellow Crane Plaza, It was 1st built over 1,7XX years ago ( Some time 223A.D. in the 3 Kingdom era) mainly with wood.

From my appraisal, the building is actually built on a 300 -400ft elevation. Physical building is about 8 floors high. The 1st floor is about 40ft tall. Each floor is about 15ft high from floor to ceiling. These total for the physical height without the thrush & the roof part is 160ft high.

When including the thrush & roof it is estimated at 200ft.

The plaza have undergone many ups & downs.

It is still stood strong & healthy @ WuHan near Yang Zi river.

My computer is having Virus attack again with the wuauclt.exe keep showing up, since 8.30pm , I am attempting to resolve it.

I read from the google search, this virus is from Microsoft window lives auto updates program.

Windows errors related to wuauclt.exe ?
wuauclt.exe is a process managing automatic updates for Microsoft Windows. This process continuously checks for the latest updates and uses the Internet to do so. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.

Note: The wuauclt.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. In other cases, wuauclt.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! Check this with......

Certainly, I am very upset like you do with Microsoft business conducts on these low standard of practice.

I am not impress.

According to Gotama, whatever the good deed once do by offering money & kinds would not be excuse from facing own karma due even after death.

The following is the Poem from Li Bai

故 人 西 辭 黃 鶴 樓,

煙 花 三 月 下 揚 州。

孤 帆 遠 影 碧 山 盡,

唯 見 長 江 天 際 流。


Thank fuyanyu for the poem in mandarin


昔 人 已 乘 黄 鹤 去,

此 地 空 余 黄 鹤 楼。

黄 鹤 一 去 不 复 返,

白 云 千 载 空 悠 悠!!

晴 川 历 历 汉 阳 树,

芳 草 萋 萋 鹦 鹉 洲。

日 暮 乡 关 何 处 是,

烟 波 江 上 使 人 愁!!

The above poem from Cui Jing.

Thank Luo Shaoyang for the post.


I like to thank Shi Han & his dad's Shi Yong for hosting my visit in WuHan, although is short trip.

But Shi Yong is very kind & attentive in making the best arrangement.

I whole heartily appreciate it.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pink C-Mum - Breast Cancer Month

Pink C-Mum - Breast Cancer Month

This is a NaNo project.

The petal each is not more than 2mm width.

Can you see the vapor??

Sun is from the top left corner.

I love the sunlight back lited which give a warmer pink grow.

This is a great experiment.

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