Monday, October 01, 2007

flickers Love Roses

flickers Love Roses, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

flickers Love Roses

This rose is from my backyard.

It used to be in white color, but not just happen to have the spots of pink. more specially the flickr pink!!

This is special tribute to all flickers who are fan's friend's & visitors.

My Tribute to all for appreciating my works of Macro art.


There is a yellow rose behind this rose, with the sunlight back lit made the image more stand-out.

As it is the sunset light, I use the food tray for reflecting light @ the front, it seem that there is a layer of mist to add to the softness.

It is from my research that flickers love Rose, catchy color & flicker Love To Be Love.

This is a great shot .



主人貧亦歸。 --於濆

The Chinese Poem suggested by FuYanYu

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