Wednesday, October 03, 2007

flickers Love 2 flickr @ Near Mid-Night

flickers Love 2 flickr @ Near Mid-Night

I believes my guru Kong Ming never visualized this scene in Chengdu some 2,XXX years ago.

1. There are so many Buildings & Cars; bridges; flyover..etc.

2. There are so many people people today!!

3. There are so many flickers love to flickr their Camera, even in the near mid-night hours like these shown.

I am very much surprise & impress that so many people busy doing whatever they love to do, courting love ones; shooting night scene on the bridge, cars & transport are still very congested at the mid-night hours.

It is even more surprise for me to found about 4 flickr members asking me to gives some free advise on shoot or flickering on night imaging!!

I am very very impress!! I am sure you do feel like me.

I took this without tripod, the weather is hot 89 degree & humidity is 95%.

Have a great weekend.

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