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Romantic Dusk @ AhBaZhou

Romantic Dusk @ AhBaZhou, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

Romantic Dusk @ AhBaZhou

This is the beautiful dusk @ AhBaZhou, the original home town of Panda.

The road condition is no good, very bumpy. I snaped this shot on the coach. The pollutants; dusts; Smog & mists & fogs make up this beautiful scene.

My Late Guru Zhu Ker Liang would never imaging his hide out become such polluted today. Otherwise he would have written on his predictions.


I am in the most critical danger in this trip, as I am traveling with my daughter & not escorted by the officials. Taking picture like these are consider sensitives issues, it underline many ill practices between local & foreign officials & businessmen.

My daughter have experiences & witnessed many narrow escape that I have to deal with the lower form of human beings.

You see exporting of manufacturing activities, exported the manufactured waste & pollutants to China as well.

China main issue on Global Worming Plus the Green & Sustainability mainly due to:

1. Rapid industrialization of 2nd wave industries to fulfill the demand of the developed & developing nations needs.

2. Increase jobs to cut down the poverty level, after moving into Market Economy. Which they need electric power to power the economy & provide jobs. Which they relies lots on coal fire power. That is the main cause you see the pink layer in the air.

3. According to the research I read, each human being manufactured about 50 Cubic tons of carbon P.A. Then when you compute the total carbon manufactured by 1.5Billions populations. Then you see the actual figure that human produce carbon in the air.

4. Rapid industrialization cut down lots of trees in China & also the Businessmen cut more trees to bring in to China to produce the goods & build factories or building materials etc...

So, as you read all my comments, China polluted the whole world is not because of China do it by itself, it is a highly connected world economy that make these pollutions in a circle & they are all involved.

Therefore, it is not right & no Point to just pointing to China.

The most important is how the Power & Political elites on this world to work together to act together to resolve these critical issues now before it is too late.

Beside China, India ( With 1Billions population & Coal fire power for the heavy industries) is another country that facing the same!!

I hope everyone can see these more clearly now.

Anyway, this is a great treasure shot.

It is like a Chinese reality painting.

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