Thursday, November 15, 2007

flickers @ Union Station

flickers @ Union Station, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

flickers @ Union Station

This is the 1st time I visit to Union Station in L.A.

I supposed to meet my fan's from Indonesia at the Tofu fair. & decided to take a metro to down town L.A. When I reached Union station. I never let my flickering habits gone by.

So, I start to snap all my way. It is interesting to meet so many young flickers @ the station. They were so happy to see me there when they are flickering. Questions asked were never un-answered.

It is glad to feel the rewarding feeling, when these flickers tell you, how much they enjoys the flickr community & also appreciating your knowledge; skills sharing & personal touch in the non-for-profits spirits.

You feel the achievements; accomplishments & happiness that money cannot buy!!


The lights are not as bright as you see in the actual scene. I have used the Corel Paintshop Pro Xi to clarify & Brighten it.

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