Saturday, July 28, 2007

1st Bridge To Si Ku Niang Shan

1st Bridge To Si Ku Niang Shan

This is the bridge at the 3,500meter elevation of the mountain area of Wulong County Leading to the Si Ku Niang Shan; in Sichuan, China.

The road is rather narrow & on the cliff, couple with bumpy road, it make taking picture not a great experience.

Along the way, there were few accidents & narrow escape.

Can you see the castle??

I am told that the river is one of the originating river from Himalaya Mountains & then it merge with Yang Zi river later in Chongking.

Actually, I was a little un-easy at the side of the cliff & the road conditions. Natalie is more adventurous in taking the shot outside of the window.

The sceneries have drawn a lots of WOW!!


The road width is hardly passed International standard for double lane access.

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David said...

Your photos have real peace and beauty in them., Thank you for sharingt.

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