Friday, March 23, 2007

Polena - 4976 flickr G.H. Systems Acxt again!!

Polena - 4976, originally uploaded by CharlieBrown8989.

This is the Body art shot I selected for today study & research.

The co-ordination of lights, Wind & the behavior of Model is great

Model is Polena, Imaging Artist is Slastyonoff

tasteful nude photos of beautiful girls I have ever seen.


Interesting how yer Nudes get almost ZERO Comments*


there's a Statistic for U!!

it does have 43 Views tho - which for U seems pretty Small*

Billy Warhol


This is very disturbling!!!!!!

For what is happening, these clearly shown that the views rate & a member popularity on flickr is with human interactions.

In facts all my studies & researches are talking good about flickr.

Also I must re-iterate that I have not posted porn or expose the private part of woman in any of the post like any other members did. or do.

I hope that whatever happen for the last 36 hours is a "Machine Issue" not a by any personal whims.

I would like to reminded that any races, people, non-respect of individual, profiling be it online or offline is against the constitutions of this Nation.

This is another friendly advise.


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