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Marin - 112 (Report On flickr View Rates)

featuring Imaging Artist Vlad Vilisov @ tasteful nude photos of beautiful girls I have ever seen!!

Marin tasteful nude photos of beautiful girls I have ever seen.

featuring Imaging Artist Vlad Vilisov @ tasteful nude photos of beautiful girls I have ever seen!!

Further to my earlier report on flickr view rate. The following are the report that I found after I have posted the art Nude post from my network of photographers.

flickr is still the primary site on the net, which generate most traffic for member’s.

There are many photo management sites on the net now.

However, flickr is still leading the others on the net.

There are apparently drops in the site rating by independent body on flickr ranking.

To be receiving higher view rate on flickr, it still depend on the flickr explore page ranking on each post. The Top 10 would receive high traffic than the top 20 on explore.

There seem to be some human factors involved in explore selection.

It is believe that the machine selection for explore pages are still under the human monitoring.

The Nude posts are still main draw of male traffic.

That show that there are more male members on flickr.

Viewers are very subjective & contradicting at time on the nude post.

Comments from viewers are based on their own whims then objectively.

It is observed that some nude post can draw over 10K views within 1 day. However, some may only get traffic of say fewer than 10 within 2 hours of the post.

Just look at this 1 of The Top 10 Legend Pretty This painting the original version have been selling at over $500K , it is a treasure in the market. However within oneday of the upload only 24 views have recorded.
Most of the time a nude post is up, within hour there could be over 200 views.

On this present post, within 15mintues of the post, alltogether 90people viewed!!
I believe members must have search for the tag before their visit.

Any post that featured on flickr front page or calendar views on explore would guaranty the high view rates.

The only Nature Sunset/ Sunrise post that I track the view rates was when I am in China in July 2005, the post receivde a 1K+ view rates within an hour.

For the example on flower shot, although on flickr tag Flower is most popular. But posting of flower shot does not ensure that you get the viewing traffice.

Bursting after uploaded for nearly 3 hour only get 59 views.

Posting to groups would not have bearing on the increase of traffic.

Flickr is still the best platform for social networking

The thought of having flickr to generate useful contacts for the future commerce site may not work.

People at both end are still the key element in both the profiling, selection, opinions & feeling of each post & the site

I have help contact’s selling their works online. However, I have not generated any return or financial gain for myself.

The quality of views are highly mixed. Therefore the opinions are mixed & personal.

There are no eternal fans or viewers for each site.

That is Nature of Human kind.

From Now on all the Nude art would be onCharlieBrown9898

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